Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a good swimmer to join the club?
No. If you can swim at least 25 metres Frontcrawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke you can join. We have members of all ages and levels. Simply swim for fun and fitness, or work towards being a competitive swimmer. Come along for a free trial on a Sunday. We will assess you and place you in the right group for your ability.

Can I pay by Standing Order?
Yes, it is the preferred method of payment as it avoids the expense of handling cash. A standing order form will be provided as part of the joining pack. It is simple to set up (via the provided form), change and stop by contacting your bank (and for most banks can be done online). It puts you in control of all payments as, unlike a direct debit, the recipient cannot change the amount or timing.

What equipment will I need?
Swimming hat
Drinks bottle

As Swimmers progress they are encouraged to have the following:
Short blade training fins (short flippers)
Kick board
Pull buoy
Hand paddles

Please note Club hats and T-shirts must be worn at all events in which the Club takes part. Tracksuits are optional. Spectators can see which lane you’re in more easily. Swimming hats are compulsory for girls and for boys with long hair.

Can I buy equipment through the club?
Yes, you can buy a variety of swimwear and accessories such as club hats, board shorts, tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirts, club kit bags etc Forms can be obtained from the desk on a Sunday.

What are the club colours?
Club colours are black and yellow.

How do I find out what times I have achieved?
After each gala or club event, individual times and positions of each swimmer are displayed on the club notice board at Meadowlands.

What is a PB?
PB stands for personal best. It is the best time an individual has achieved for a particular stroke at a given distance. Swimmers are encouraged to keep a log book of their times.

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